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N.38 Esther scroll.

Vellum (6 pieces). Scroll 285 x 12.5cm. On 1 wooden roller.

Unpointed Hebrew. 23 columns of 18 lines.

An accompanying note reads 'The Ester scroll probably end of 17th cent., oriental handwriting. The MS is complete and perfect condition.'

N.37 Haftarot scroll.

Vellum (14 pieces). Scroll 530 x 23.5cm. On 2 wooden rollers.

Pointed Hebrew. 63 columns of up to 44 lines. Includes some fine ornamental lettering.

From the library of Dr Charles Taylor (Master 1881-1908). Given by Mrs Margaret Taylor, 1909.

N.36 Ketubah. Venice, 1679.

Vellum. Roll 650 x 520mm.

Single column of 21 lines of square Hebrew with a single line of square Hebrew around the edge. Decorated border of floral design in green and black.

N.35 Ketubah. Venice, 1652.

Vellum. Roll 750 x 525mm. A few tears.

Single column of 27 lines of square Hebrew. Decorated with architectural and floral designs in green and black. A single line of square Hebrew runs around the edge.


    Vellum, 12.2 x 9, ff. 129 + 1, 40 lines to a page.  15th cent., clearly written, seriously mutilated in the earlier part.                                           2 fo. augustam.

    Donor, T. C. S.

N.34 Ketubah. Venice, 1612.

Vellum. Roll 730 x 460mm.

2 columns, the first with 55 lines of cursive Hebrew and 7 of Italian, the second with 35 lines of square Hebrew, signatures, and then 4 lines of Italian. A single line of square Hebrew runs around the edge. Decorated in gold, red, green and blue.


    Vellum, 13.8 x 9, ff. 157 + 2,  double columns of 48, 56, 44 lines.

13th and 14th cent.,  in several good hands.  The upper margins and corners much eaten away.

    Donor, T. C. S.

N.33 Ketubah. Venice, 1746.

Vellum. Roll 625 x 450mm.

Single column of 22 lines of square and 4 of cursive Hebrew. 2 lines of square Hebrew run around the edge. Decorated with architectural and floral designs, birds and crowns, in orange, gold, brown, green and purple.

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