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Browne 1422. The Diwan of 'Urfi. Persian.

Paper. 190 x 100mm. 306 fos.

Gold tooled calfskin binding.

The Diwan of 'Urfi, good Nasta'liq, dated 1024/1615, concluding with 'Urfi's dying behests.

Inscription on fo.1r 'Presented to the Library of Saint John's College, Cambridge by Nat. Atcheson of London 30th September 1816.'

Browne 1408 (formerly K.3). Turkish poems by Mawlana Ahmad; Epistolary models in Turkish and Persian.

Paper. 145 x 110mm. 85 fos. Collation: 110 (wants 10), 210-810, 98 (wants 7 and 8).

Rubricated. 13 lines to a page.

Blind tooled black goatskin Islamic binding with flap.

1. Turkish poems by Mawlana Ahmad.

Or. 2. The Romance Hira by Mukabala in Panjabi.

Paper. 125 x 170mm. 116 fos. Punjab late 18th or early 19th century.

A bound volume, chain stitch binding, leather on pasteboard boards with embossed patterns and end flap. Cream coloured native paper, 9 lines of 100mm per page, text and headings in black ink, margins in red and black ink, fair Gurmukhi script. Complete. Copied by Mohara Singha for Sahaba Singha. Undated, late 18th or early 19th century.

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