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  1. Followed by Chapel Breakfast in Hall

  2. Responses and Preces: Smith Psalm 119 vv. 105–120 (Luard-Selby, Walford Davies) Sumsion in A Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Christmas Carols * Hymn (NEH): 407   *    The choir is joined by cellist Laura van der Heijden.

  3. Septuagesima Introit: Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis Vierne: Messe Solennelle Gradual: Psalm 111 (tone viii) Preacher: The Rev’d Carol Barrett Ford, Acting Dean & Chaplain Hymns (NEH): 295, 339 Voluntary: Vierne  Final (Symphonie III)      For the Acting Dean's own page click here.

  4. Responses and Preces: Smith Psalm 122 (Atkins) Daniel Purcell in E minor Tallis: Videte miraculum Hymn: Christ Triumphant (tune: Guiting Power) Voluntary: Sweelinck  Fantasia Cromatica 

  5. The Conversion of St Paul Introit: Kennedy  O nata lux Responses and Preces: Smith Psalm 119 vv. 41–56 (Martin, Camidge) Antiphon: In omnem terram Tallis (Short Service) Telemann: Ach, so lass von mir dich finden Hymn (NEH): 377

  6. This exhibition traces the story of life in the Master’s Lodge over the last five hundred years. The Master’s Lodge is a curious mix of the public and private. Traditionally, the Master has been responsible for entertaining and accommodating the College’s most important guests. Official business of the College has been conducted by the Master from the Lodge. But it is also a family home.

  7. Responses and Preces: Leighton Psalm 2 (Robinson) Antiphon: Hodie beata Virgo Maria Batten (Fourth Service) Maconchy: There is no rose Hymn (NEH): 360

  8. Deadline 29/01/2018

  9. Thinking of applying for the BA Law degree at Cambridge?

  10. Hosted by St John's College, Science in Archaeology Day on 20th March will give prospective undergraduate students an opportunity to see how archaeologists and biological anthropologists use science to uncover human past. Featuring presentations and hands-on activities on major methods and themes such as: